Intuitive and Accessible


Mobile-first SmartCards allow clients to quickly find available appointments and walk-in or drop-in opportunities by course, subject-area, meeting type, and location. Clients and administrators can instantly switch between this mobile-friendly display and a calendar display showing a complete overview of the center.
Mass emails, text and email reminders, and waiting lists ensure full center utilization, and schedule restrictions, such as no-show and late cancelation management, ensure equitable access to your center.
The included online consultation module provides live meeting spaces with video, audio, and text chat, screensharing, drawing and math tools, and a truly synchronous whiteboard. Additionally, file upload, storage, and management tools allow for asynchronous document review sessions.
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Screenshot of the WCONLINE SmartCards Appointment Selection System
Custom and Secure


You define the questions asked and the type of data collected across the registration, appointment, post-session client report, and anonymous survey forms.
The included time clock and waiting room tools provide additional data points, as do unlimited file attachments and permanent records of online meetings. Even the automated early alert and flagging system keeps records on all client and staff contacts.
Even more important, there are no usage restrictions imposed on accounts. Your data is stored and accessible as long as you maintain an active subscription regardless of the number of clients or staff members that use your site or the number of appointments that you have.
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Powerful and Graphical


The included System Statistics report provides comprehensive, graphical displays of all of the data collected in the system, and allows you to make decisions based on your center's busiest times and most requested needs. Similarly, the System Utilization report provides extensive and graphically-displayed information about scheduled versus available time. Other reports, such as the Master Listings Report, provide quick access to appointment, client report form, time clock, and other form-related data.
Full data exports and API endpoints allow for custom cross-system and offline data queries and displays. Single-sign-on options allow for the program to be further integrated with learning management and portal systems.
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Screenshot of a section of the System Statistics Report


The WCONLINE Advantage

More than twenty-five years of conversations with thousands of institutions have resulted in WCONLINE's position as the most user-friendly product on the market.

Easily Accessed

Connect to your WCONLINE site via a dedicated URL and from any browser or device. WCONLINE doesn't require any downloads or special software--even when meeting via the included online consultation module.

Available & Secure

We host WCONLINE within our secure, dedicated infrastructure and maintain a 99.999% uptime. Our network is monitored in real time by our own company and via an outside security firm.

Updated & Supported

WCONLINE is updated constantly, and those updates are installed automatically. You never need I.T. support to use WCONLINE, as our in-house, U.S.-based team is ready to answer any questions.

Flat Rate Pricing

Subscriptions include unlimited support, all updates, and use by all center staff and students. WCONLINE is always $1,999 per year (or $200 per month).

Complete, Customized, and All-Inclusive for just $1,999 per year!