The Center Management Solution

Created and expanded for over twenty years with the input of thousands of academic support, writing, testing and advising centers.
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Scheduling, Recordkeeping & Reporting

WCONLINE® provides twenty-four hour access to your center. Students can make appointments at any time via your unique WCONLINE® website, and are automatically reminded of their upcoming appointment via customizable confirmation emails and text or email-based appointment reminders. Your students can sign up for a waiting list if there isn't an appointment available. Through the included online consultation module, students can meet with their tutor online in real time through a collaborative whiteboard, text, video and audio chat, and drawing tools.

With the built-in "drill-down" selection by subject area or specialty, no-show and drop-in tracking, schedule limitations, group and workshop scheduling, and asynchronous eTutoring capabilities, WCONLINE® contains the features that you need. Best of all, as a completely web-based product, no special software, hardware, or IT support is needed to use the program.

Each and every visit to your center is logged into the WCONLINE® system, allowing you to collect the specific information and data that you need and allowing staff to prepare for a session by researching a student's appointment history. WCONLINE® tracks student demographics, appointment-specific information, post-appointment staff reports, and post-appointment student surveys, and allows all data to be viewed in graphical reports or downloaded into Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets.

Even better, WCONLINE® comes with card reader support, single-sign-on capabilities, built-in early alert tracking, clock-in tools, and hundreds of other features designed to handle the day-to-day needs of your center.

Continually Developed and Supported

Since WCONLINE® is run from our servers, all system upgrades--including the almost monthly addition of new features and product enhancements--are installed automatically. Your center does not have to do anything to keep the software package current or secure, or to upgrade to the newest version--it's done automatically for you and without any additional cost. And, we'll always work with you to customize the system and software to meet the unique demands of your center.

All WCONLINE® subscriptions come with unlimited support via telephone, live chat, email, and online ticketing system. You are always welcome to ask questions or request help, and without worrying about support costs or packages. Our emergency and standard support staff allows us to maintain an average "time to resolution" for support inquiries of just under one hour.

screenshot of application
screenshot of application

Backed-Up & Extremely Secure

WCONLINE® is an Internet application based on a secure MySQL database and PHP framework. The software itself runs on dedicated, secure, company-owned computer server clusters housed in high security facilities that are redundantly connected to the Internet. What this means for you is that your records are your records--no one else can see them. It also means that you can access your records and schedule at any time and from any Internet-connected computer in the world. No special software, hardware, or server space is needed. And, with an industry-leading ten-year uptime of 99.999% ("five nines"), you can know that your system will be available when you need it.

We take data security extremely seriously. All WCONLINE® installations use industry-standard SSL secured connections and our program, servers, and networking infrastructure are constantly monitored and continually audited by both internal and external security teams. We back-up your data continunally, constantly update to match FERPA recommendations, and have the ability to immediately respond to new security threats and advisories. And, since we own all of our own server and networking equipment, your data is never on servers shared with other companies.

"Just another vote chiming in that I've had very good experiences with WCOnline. Their support staff is quite helpful, and if you need to run numbers on any aspect of your Writing Center -- number of appointments, breakdowns of what classes or majors or years of study, percentage of appointments filled -- it's extremely easy. And of course, administrators like to see those things."

Catherine Siemann
New Jersey Institute of Technology

"We use it for our subject and learning strategy tutoring – for scheduling and reporting. I find the analysis useful and I like the way tutors can create and send reports to a variety of people from the software. Their help desk is great – real people – and the software is pretty easy to learn...even for me. It tracks our 70 or so tutors very nicely."

Bunny A. Goodjohn
Randolph College

"We use WCOnline for our Writing and Communication Center. Have been fans for many years."

"We've been using WCONLINE for several years here at MIT (we started with version 1.0) and have been extremely pleased with the product and the technical support."

"We've been very happy with WCOnline over the years—great support, highly adaptable, easy to learn."

Steven Strang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Simply put, WCONLINE allows me to do what I most need and like to do much more easily and cost-effectively [...] Most importantly, its report capabilities have helped me to demonstrate clearly our center's success and to argue compellingly for our center's needs."

Margaret Mika
The University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee