Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many common billing, licensing, and subscription questions about WCONLINE.

WCONLINE subscription prices are truly all inclusive. The $1,999 annual or $200 monthly subscription fee gives you access to a complete, unrestricted WCONLINE site. You have access to all program features and will receive future versions of the program automatically. Unlimited support is also always included. And, we don't charge sales tax on WCONLINE subscriptions.

After signing up for a trial, you'll receive your new WCONLINE site and an invoice for the first year of WCONLINE service. Our no-risk trial provides you with a full thirty days to try out the product without any financial risk. As long as you let us know that you wish to cancel your WCONLINE subscription before the end of your first thirty days, the invoice that you receive will be immediately cancelled and you will owe nothing. If you choose to continue with WCONLINE, the invoice becomes due at the end of the trial period.

While the first thirty days of use is part of your no-risk trial, you do not have a trial or demo WCONLINE site. Rather, you have a complete and active WCONLINE system that you can begin using immediately. If you choose to continue with the product, there is absolutely no transition between the first thirty days and the rest of your subscription.

All that is needed to fully use WCONLINE is a modern web browser (such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Edge). WCONLINE's software is entirely housed within the U.S.-based datacenters that we use. There is never anything to install or download on your end--not even to take advantage of the included online consultation module.

We accept checks, credit cards, purchase orders, and wire transfers. Checks can be sent to 1159 2nd Ave, #116, New York, NY 10065. Purchase orders sent via mail or email will be added to an invoice and then payment will be immediately requested. Credit card payments can be made through our billing system. For wire transfers, available to non-US clients only, email us for instructions.

About two weeks before the end of the current subscription period, we'll send an invoice for the next subscription period (i.e. the next year or the next month). Subscriptions renew automatically (in order to enable us to provide continuous uninterrupted service) unless canceled.

We've worked to price WCONLINE as low as possible while still providing the security, uptime, updates, and support for which we're known. The only discount we offer is associated with annual subscriptions. An annual subscription provides a $400 savings over twelve months at the monthly rate.

Our traditional license applies only to institutions that provide some amount of face-to-face instruction and that have a physical campus. For institutions that only provide online instruction, we also offer online-only licensing programs.

Of course! Email us at with a few good times for you and your team and we'll take care of the rest.

Canceling is easy. To cancel a subscription, the account holder simply sends us an email requesting cancelation. We'll confirm the cancelation, close the site, and, as applicable, refund unused subscription fees, bill for used but unpaid time, or close the account entirely with no money due.

Because WCONLINE is a service that can be canceled at any time and without any cancelation penalties, we don't have or require contracts. All WCONLINE subscriptions are simply governed by our Terms of Service.

We do not charge late fees, but accounts are suspended after 90 days of non-payment. There is a $500 reinstatement fee if the customer wishes to reactivate their account with all prior data and settings in place. If you need additional time beyond 90 days to process your payment, then please reach out to our support line and let them know. Exceptions will be made when reasonable.
"We moved from appointments made on the phone and in person to WCONLINE, and life became beautiful. We started with a very early version of WCONLINE many years ago [...] In short, we have never looked back. A great product and an incredible help to us in record-keeping and in increasing our usage since."
Steven Strang | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"I've used WCONLINE for more than a decade [... Their staff] understand and appreciate the work done in our centers, and they have tried exceptionally hard to make their service accessible and affordable."
Michael P. Mattison | Wittenberg University
"Simply put, WCONLINE allows me to do what I most need and like to do much more easily and cost-effectively [...] Most importantly, its report capabilities have helped me to demonstrate clearly our center's success and to argue compellingly for our center's needs."
Margaret Mika | University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee